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My School Days

The school days will be one of the memorable and evergreen days for all. I was reminded about my school days recently. I met some of my school friends in a get together at Chennai, which made me travel to the glorious days of my school days. I like to share those days with you all.

Welcome you all for a travel to my past…

When I was studying in fifth standard, my dad told me that for sixth standard I may have to go to a new school called “Carmel”. I was so excited on hearing that because Carmel is one of the best and old schools in my district. Most of the great people from my home town might have studied there. If it is so special, do you think getting into Carmel will be easier? No way… I have to clear the entrance test. I have to be one among the hundred selected from around 2000 candidates. It was a big task, at small age. There were coaching classes and at last I made it.

First day… It was a great day of my life. I was so excited. Wearing new white shirt and trousers, I got ready to go to Carmel. My father advised me: “Son, You know how difficult it was to get a seat in Carmel. Now you should study well and try to be in Carmel till 12 th student. If you are not studying well, you will be thrown out of Carmel at any time. “My cousins said, “In Carmel, all staffs will have long sticks and they neat like hell.” Their made me to think about Carmel as some kind of military school. So I went to Carmel, with some excitement and with much fear.

But when I entered Carmel, it was different. Carmel looked very beautiful surrounded by lot of trees, big play grounds, a big and peaceful church, gardens, etc. But I could see staffs carrying long canes with them. It is a boys’ school. It is governed by Jesuits’ mission, which is the largest Catholic Missionary. Chennai’s Loyola College is one of their prestigious institutions.

It was different from other schools. When other schools give much importance for studies, Carmel gave more importance for character building. And in education, sports and other extra-curricular activities, we never stood second.

Though staffs beat us, they were caring and affectionate. If we perform well, they were the once who appreciate us. Our school says, “In school, teachers are the parents and in home, parents are the teachers”. My teachers stood true to these words. They cared and know about each and every student.

I can’t forget my school friends, my teachers, my headmasters, scout movement, classrooms, playground, plants days, sports days, cultural weeks, school days, prayers in church, exams, school days, Platinum jubilee celebration, Jesuits missions jubilee and my drama, my first poem and the applause I got etc... I will tell about them in detail my next posts…

Lot more to tell about White shirt and blue trousers dayzzz… Keep reading…

(Thanks to Nishanth for sharing these photos)

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