October 24, 2010

Are they real?

I'm very much fascinated by the beauty hidden in every simple thing around us which we see in our day to day life. I wanted to capture this beauty. So I got interested in photography and bought my own camera and started learning to capture the reality with the lens. When seeing those pictures, I completely fall in love with the colours. We are completely surrounded by colours which make our lives beautiful and interesting. But whether the colours which we see around are real? Whether the red is really red; blue is really blue; green is really green?

I came across this doubt when I heard a speech in TED. In that presentation, speaker was telling that plants which we think that are immobile are really moving. We calculate the movement of an object relative to a point. We think that if an object moves from one point to another point at x distance it is called movement. So we believe that as the trunk of a tree is at the same place, the trees can't move. But we should notice that though it comes back to its position, the barks are moving. It has been calculated that an average plant moves with is parts in a year, a distance equivalent to travelling around the world thrice. So everything is based upon our perception. When our perception changes, the ideas we believe will change.

Same thing I felt about colours. We believe our eyes. We think what colour our eyes sense is the same colour of the object we see. But there are organisms for which the eyes show the images in different colour contrasting to what we see.

The radiations from the objects fall on our cornea and lead to some reactions on the colour sensing cells. Based upon those reactions, the colours are interpreted. But what if, these interpretations are contrasting to the reality? Just think how the real world might be if the red is really blue, blue is really green and green is really red. What if what we consider as dark is not really dark, and we consider as bright is not really bright? So everything is based upon our how we perceive.

Even we try to understand God based upon our perceptions. We think that He is someone out of our vision. What if He is someone who is living just in front of you and along with you? We think that He is someone who will save you from your sufferings. What if He is someone who is suffering along with you?

When I think these things, I just remember the great lines the poem by the great poet Mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathiyaar. “ Nirpathuve nadapathuve parapathuve , neengalenlaam artha mayaigalo? Ummul aallndha porull illaiyo”. The poet asks to everything he sees around whether they are real and have meaning or meaningless and unreal like a mirage.
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