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A Great Step...

Pudhiyadhor… Urapakkam which has become a part of my life, celebrates its fifth birthday on 19th May, 2009. In the past four years it has come across lot of challenges and success. Before talking about one of our dreams which is fulfilled now, I shall give a brief description about Pudhiyadhor.. Urapakkam.


                   Pudhiyadhor… Urapakkam is an organization started by the young bloods of Crescent Engineering College by the inspiration of Narayanan Uncle. We have adopted a community of people in Urapakkam. The primary occupation of this community of people is astrology. They predict others future but fail to safe guard their children’s future. They didn’t understand the necessity of education. Once we started Pudhiyadhor.. it has become a part of the life of those kids. We help them in their studies and teach extra curricular activities like theatre play, bharathanatyam, classical music, karate, yoga, etc to improve their confidence. Our aim is to give all the opportunities to them to make them a valuable citizen to the country. Little by little, the number of drop outs from schools has reduced. At the time we started, there were no graduates in that entire community, now some students are going to colleges. The kids have showcased their extra curricular activities which they were taught in Pudhiyadhor.. in several conferences have got lot applauses. It is really amazing to see the confidence it has built in them.


                 Another major problem we face in that community is girls dropping out from school after 8th standard. But a change has occurred and a girl named as Anbarasi has completed 12th standard. She is the first girl to complete 12th standard in that community. We consider it as a great success of pudhiyadhor..


                Still lots of things have to be changed to make them a developed and cultured community. Some of them are,

  1. Preventing the drug addiction of men and reducing the deaths because of it.
  2. Preventing marriage of girls at a very young age.
  3. To make the parents to understand the importance of their participation in the development of their kids.
  4. To make them understand the health problems they face genetically, because of marriages within the community. (Most of the people over here have cataract problem even from the age of 1. The average life time of women here is 45.)


              We are entering into the fifth year with the confidence that we can bring the change in the upcoming days. Please pray for those people to come up in life leaving the superstitious and backward principles.


              To know more about Pudhiyadhor, you can login to . You too can contribute to the cause through your volunteer participation and donations.
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