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22 kids on the road

Recently I came to know about an incident which hurt me a lot. I thought to share it with you all. In order to prepare for the Pudhiyadhor.. Urappakkam summer camp, I and Sengadhir madam went to Tambaram Market to buy the required items. When the shop keeper was packing the items which we asked for, I and Shengadhir were discussing about the things happening in Urapakkam. The shop owner was listening to our conversation. He understood that we are from a social service organization. When we were about to leave after getting the items, he told something which shocked us.

                                                Two months before, around 22 children have been left on the road in midnight in a village which is few kilometers away from Tambaram. Those children have been brought in a van to that place from an orphanage. It seems that the organizers of that orphanage didn’t have enough money to take care of those children. So they have left them on the road. My opinion is: they should have asked for help from the government if they couldn’t take care of those children or should have sent to any orphanage which is ready to take care of those children. It is inhuman to throw them on the road. If those children had got into the hands of any social enemies, the life of those children might have lost.

                       But fortunately, they are now in the hands some good people. The people around that place have taken those kids to a church near by and taking care of them. Though they very generous to help those kids, they are so poor that they are fining difficult to spend for them. People who are interested to help those kids can contact me. Though I am not directly in touch with them, through that shop owner I can take you there and make sure your help reaches them.

(N.B. : The image above is not the real image of those kids.)


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