March 8, 2009

On my journey

People used to say that the only thing which is unchangeable is the change in life. My life is also changed. In the journey of my life I have taken a new role. A student has changed into an associate of a multinational company. Now I have the responsibility of taking care of my family, my commitment to the society as a citizen, to be loyal employee etc. Life is like a journey in train as everyone says. In my journey I have traveled a long distance. God has made my life comfortable and pleasant by giving lots and lots of good people around me, who travel along with me at different parts of my journey. They came into my life like angels and made my life like a heaven. But unfortunately they get down at different stations and continue their travel in different directions. Now I have crossed one of such station where most of my friends who traveled along with me for the past four years of college life have got down from my train. I miss all of them. I’m praying to God to provide opportunities so that I may meet my friends on my way. New passengers have got into my compartment. They have come from different places. I’m just keep on watching them, hearing them and trying to understand their nature so that I won’t make their journey uncomfortable through my words and deeds. Though my life has changed, I’m the same old Ronald, who finds difficult to start conversation with the new people around. Some think that I’m very much reserved and always moody. I don’t know how to say that I’m just waiting for their friendship, to make my life a heaven as always. Ok. I have to continue my journey. Thanks for reading on the way of your journey. Take care. Bye.
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