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Discrimination in the name of God

Though we consider ourselves as secular, without knowing, we are discriminating people in the name of religion. Please check within yourself.. What comes to your mind when an unknown person says his name? If he says 'sriram' or 'murugan' immediately our mind makes flash message stating he is hindu.. Same thing happens when people belonging to other religions say their names.. Why it happens? Its because we are not 100% secular.. Religion is a personal thing.. It depends on some ones believes and emotions.. God created all of us in this world as a single family.. If you divide people in the the name of Almighty God itself whom you believe, don't you think it is disgrace to God and against the will of God... Whether we are hindu or a muslim or a christian we are born in this world to live as a human being who cares for others.. We are brothers.. Don't bring disgrace to the God who created you...